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Cross-country Motorcycle classification

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Civilian-type off-road vehicles: This type of car is our most common, it takes into account a large part of the daily commuting needs, so in the pavement use more.

The field cross-country vehicle: The field SUV also called the occupation vehicle, the seat high can let the ordinary user to be possible to be impossible, the lamp and the quantity production vehicle decoration also not to see.

Cross-road cross-country vehicle: Motocross road cross-country vehicle and venue cross-country car is not very different, the dynamic adjustment of the relatively smooth, complex roads, the race distance longer, so their durability also requires higher.

Long-distance endurance motorcycle: endurance-Type cross-country motorcycles everyone should be unfamiliar, we are familiar with the Dakar competition of the motorcycle group is using this type of car.

Retro off-road vehicle: Rugged cross-country motorcycle if the retro "coat" will be a lot of elegance, this kind of car owners are carefully designed and customized.

Obstacle climbing car: The climbing vehicle should be a special case, the appearance can be distinguished from other types of off-road vehicles, their weight can be as low as 60 kilograms, in order to meet the demand for up, the car seat is virtually the same.

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