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External cleaning method for motorcycles

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Because the appearance of modern motorcycle decorative color is bright, at the same time using surface paint or electroplating treatment, so in the washing or cleaning must be appropriate.

1. It is not advisable to wash with cold water directly under intense sunlight.

2. Can be used soft brush or soft cloth, sponge, soapy water cleaning, and then wash off the soap liquid with warm water, after the natural drying, with the suede to wipe clean.

3. The inside of the wheel fender is washed with clear water, and the accumulated soil or dirt is washed and kept as far as possible without stain.

4. Stains or oil traces of the removal method, spray paint surface stain stains to prevent damage, but note that not the use of kerosene, gasoline or volatile oil directly wipe, preferably with a soft cloth dipped in soapy water to remove oil.

5. Waxing, the vehicle needs to play polishes the wax, so that the patent paint to keep bright, the method is to clean after wiping, the wax with a soft cloth evenly applied to the paint surface, pay attention to wipe the action to have a certain regularity, or the arc-shaped, or left and right, stretching, smooth and powerful, the general monthly polishing wax once can.

6. Polypropylene decoration or plastic parts of the beauty, this decorative pieces usually only with shoe polish or ash to burnish, but not when grinding too hard.

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