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Winter Motorcycle Maintenance

- Aug 09, 2017 -

1. Clean the motorcycle, dry or dry, exposed moving parts (such as chain), adjusting bolts, bearings and other cleaning should also be coated with appropriate winter fuel and lubricants.

2. When conditions are in place, motorcycles should be placed indoors to ensure proper machine temperature and facilitate start-up.

3. For the electric starter system of motorcycles, should increase the concentration of battery electrolyte, and pay attention to the insulation and the necessary supplementary charge, when the power starts, if not start at a time, the interval of 10-15 seconds, and then start, each start time can not exceed 5 seconds.

4. The throttle is not too big to start, so as to avoid idling turn the number too high, accelerate wear.

5. After parking, the fuel tank should be immediately refueling to drive the humid air, to avoid condensation of water vapor into the ice, rust parts or frozen after the oil circuit, but also to regularly release the fuel tank of the sediment.

6. In order to prevent motorcycle temperature is too low, should add insulation device.

7. Pre-start, preheat the engine with hot water to heat oil in the sump and gearbox.

8. For the long-term use of motorcycles, before the start, the application pedal dozens of times to prevent lubricating oil can not be timely flow to the surface of friction to accelerate its wear, or even cause a burning accident.

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