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Motorcycle Replacement Tire Steps

- Aug 09, 2017 -

1. If the brake vehicle, the front wheel replacement must first be removed from the brakes, the rear wheel replacement is necessary to remove the exhaust pipe or rocker arm group after demolition can be removed tires.

2. The use of pneumatic equipment to remove the fixed tire screws, tires and wheel frame removed.

3. Remove the protective cover of the gas nozzle and put the air inside the tyre (if it is still breathing).

4. The tire placement machine disassembly and replacement of new and old tires, it is not recommended to use the traditional digging tire to change the tire, easy to make the wheel damage, in addition to the new fetal installation attention to the direction, but also pay attention to the tire side of the yellow dot sign, this point must be aimed at the air mouth

5. Put the tyre air nozzle into the wheel frame and enter some air.

6. Put the tyre and wheel frame into the bearing and lock the fixing screws.

7. Reverse step to fix the tyre and put the braking system back together, and then into the air, so that the tire pressure to meet the normal requirements to complete the replacement process.

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