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Basic Position Of Motorcycle Driving

- Aug 09, 2017 -

The body sits in the car when it is running normally, the spine is arched, buttocks not too backward or forward, hands light handlebar, elbow slightly curved, chin recovery, visual front, the body forward tilt, do not use the strength of the arm to support the body, the body should fall in the center of gravity, this can make the direction of the flexible rotation.

When you ride a bike, do not open your legs, you should gently clamp the tank, the lower body and the body to maintain a consistent state, in the turn, by moving the bottom half of the bodies to maintain balance. Two feet naturally on the pedal, clutch handle generally with little finger, ring finger and middle finger hold, with index finger and palm grip handlebar. The brake handle generally uses two fingers or three fingers, the rest of the fingers hold the handlebar, can not use the entire grip on the brake handle, so that the throttle can not be turned.

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