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Maintenance tips for Motorcycle cylinder caps

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Motorcycle Driving 3500-10000 kilometers, we must carefully clear the cylinder head combustion chamber, valve seat around, the vent in the carbon, clear the combustion chamber charcoal can be cut into bamboo blade removal, the carbon can be removed from the exhaust duct by a screwdriver, do not scrape the wall of the combustion chamber, the face of the valve seat and the wall of the exhaust road, eliminate the charcoal, clean with clean gasoline or kerosene, then wipe with clean soft cloth and reassemble well.

The heat of the air-cooled engine is mainly distributed by the heat sink on the cylinder head and the cylinder, in the absence of these fins, the engine will be overheating and not work properly, therefore, the heat sink must be kept intact, clean, and when the motorcycle used a certain amount of time should be washed, especially when the use of motorcycles, must be washed clean water.

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