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Characteristics of Motorcycle Engine

- Aug 09, 2017 -

(1) engine for two stroke or four stroke petrol engine.

(2) The use of air-cooled cooling, there are natural air-cooled and forced air-cooled two, the general model used to rely on the driving air blowing cylinder head, air cylinder sleeve heat sink with natural air-cooled cooling way, high-power motorcycle engine in order to ensure the low speed and before the start of the engine cooling, the use of a fan and wind shroud, the use of forced imports of air-cooled heat sink cooling the way to cool.

(3) The engine speed is high, generally in 5000 rpm/min, the liter power (the effective power emitted by the engine displacement per litre) is large, generally in 60-kilowatt/liter or so, which shows that the degree of hardening of the motorcycle engine is high and the size of the engine is small.

(4) Engine crankcase and clutch, gearbox design integrated, compact structure.

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