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Equipment For Driving

- Aug 09, 2017 -

1. Helmets are mandatory for the use of protective gear, should choose comfortable, not sulk, open vision and hardness of reliable helmets as protective supplies.

2. Glasses can effectively prevent sandstorms and the resulting accidents, choose glasses, in the sun with dark mirror as good, at night with plain mirror as good.

3. Clothing is an important protective material for motorists, and a thick long-sleeved garment can effectively reduce the trauma of falling down; color-striking clothes can cause the attention of motorists.

4. Gloves can not only reduce the impact of hand sweat on driving, but also to prevent the fall of the palm of the effective protection of the scratches.

5. Shoes are required to protect the goods, in the event of collision impact, friction can effectively protect the foot, the choice of shoes should be thick and soft soles, comfortable and can protect the ankle bone as good (not wearing slippers driving friction car).

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